We are proud of the work we do with the NHS. Working with trusts across the UK we have delivered a variety of talks and training to frontline non clinical staff as well as to the frontline clinical teams. Conflict management and resolution, communications, Apprenticeship training and breaking bad news are just some of the sessions we have delivered. We have also provided awards presenters, speakers and facilitators at a number of events. Our whole team is committed to delivering quality training and events to create meaningful and memorable experiences for all participants. Natasha has seen more than her fair share of operating tables and ITU wards. She believes passionately in supporting the NHS to ensure its continued ability to reflect its core principles. To this end we will deliver sessions from the patients perspective to enable staff to get a direct understanding of the needs of the people they interact with.  We also provide Mental wellbeing and health based training and presentations. The NHS cares for us, but who cares for them? We do, the happytohealthyouteam are committed to supporting the wonderful NHS staff with more than a clap on a Thursday. 

If you work for the NHS, thank you for choosing this career path x.