This talk/workshop looks at how to how to challenge unconscious bias and promote Ally support in order to create an LGBT+ inclusive environment. Acclaimed author, counsellor and comedian Michelle is a member of WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgendered Health) in demand for inspirational speaking as well as her counselling skills. We have a range of speakers from the LGBTQ+ community, all of whom are able to deliver bespoke talks designed to deliver a quality session that will engage, captivate and encourage attendees.



Fostering a diverse and equitable workplace culture isn’t just morally right – it’s a win for your team and should be your bottom line. Beyond that, cultivating genuinely inclusive environments not only benefits our communities but contributes positively to the world. Mere diversity isn’t sufficient; true inclusion means employees feel they belong in their roles, on their teams, and within the organization. Yet, achieving a strong sense of inclusion and belonging remains a challenge. Many companies grapple with implementing effective programs that tangibly enhance individual employees’ daily experiences of belonging and inclusion. Well this is a talk that screams “you belong!” to everyone in the workforce.