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Online or Face to Face?

We currently offer talks, presentations and training on; Men’s Health, Women”s Health, Mental Wellbeing, Behavioural Safety, Gambling, Alcohol and Drug problems, EDI, Customer Care, Complaints, Clinical Communications, Manual Handling, Falls, Health and Safety, Public Speaking, Cancer, healthy hearts and leadership. We work in Construction, Rail, Energy, Demolition, The NHS, Power Stations, The Police, Fire and Rescue Services, The Military, Schools and Colleges.

Our Bespoke sessions are designed to be delivered in a timescale to suit your needs. Sessions can be an hour, half day, a whole day, or longer should you need us.  


We can do it all online or face to face whatever works for you.

Womens Health

This is a no holds barred presentation or training session. Covering all aspects of female health from screening to the Menopause in the workplace. It aims to raise awareness of the unique health issues facing women.

Mental wellbeing

We can all experience periods of mental unwellness. Stigma, stereotyping and fear can often compound a difficult situation. Based on Our Award Winning mental health project we can provide sessions to suit all aspects of this massive subject.

Men's Health

Men have poorer health, die younger and report unhappiness levels higher than their female counterparts. These sessions are based on Our Award Winning Mens Health projects.

Behavioural SAfety

Its a simple but highly affective Message. Banter and fooling around lead to laughs, merriment and accidents. In life there are always two choices, being a Numpty or not! Don't walk by danger and don't de afraid to say no. Placing the responsibility for our own safety on our selves made simple.

Follow the Leader

Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal. This 60- or 90-minute interactive presentation is a start point for participants to explore their own beliefs, challenge their misconceptions, and think about how to be more effective.

We look at how leadership and performance are linked.

The role of power and influence and how it affects team dynamics.

How to lead with fairness and compassion.

How to make your mark.

We talk about how to encourage and influence by example. Being positive is what it is all about!

We examine the three basic leadership styles. Autocratic – Delegative – Participative and how they impact on the team.

We also discuss how to motivate, inspire, and lead. This uses examples of how good communication lubricates the whole process.

Emotional intelligence and behavioural safety are also highlighted as key tools in the leader’s toolbox. These influence decisions making processes.

Finally, we look at managing conflict literally! How to embrace change and manage expectations can be a key technique in de-escalating potential conflict, but not eliminating it altogether performance management tools and Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Now in its third year. This project at Kings College University of London mixes the Arts with Health and Wellbeing promotion. Our Team work with Staff and Students to provide ongoing support and performances with the Academic Body

The Young Ones

These Presentations are aimed at School children and older students aged up to age 18 and use a mix of interactivity and story telling to get the children engaged in Mental wellbeing.

We are the World

A diverse workforce reflects the customer base we are aiming for. innovation and creativity all benefit from having different styles of input. Equality leads to a happier and more productive workplace. It’s obvious isn’t it?

Putting U in cUstomer Care

A bottom up approach to providing a great service encourages all staff to feel part of the team. This full or half day training is much in demand for Apprentices, frontline workers as well as managers and senior team members.

Public Speaking is something people fear more than death. There is nothing to fear except fear itself and our team can guide you through any talk, presentation, seminar or speech.

A healthy mind and body are connected by a healthy heart. Stress affects the brain, cholesterol affects the Arteries, relationships emotions and they all meet at the pump. written in conjunction with Medical experts this popular presentation brings everything together. 

Natasha has designed, written and presented talks that are now used on the curriculum at Kings College London. Delivered with passion, humour and Pathos this is her area of lived expertise. 

Monday at 7pm Uk GMT, 2pm USA EST join us as we discuss wellbeing in the world of entertainment. An interactive chat box allows a constant stream of comments and ideas from any participants. The link is posted in Facebook, LinkedIn, youtube, Twitter deluxe radio and the Mensradio station.

If you have an idea, we have the team to bring it to fruition. Our Writers, Researchers and Daydreamers love to design and develop new talks, presentations and training. We are currently developing sessions on Parenting, Addictions and Retirement. 

If you have any topics no matter how unusual give us the chance to make it real.


Our team include amazing presenters with lived experience from a range of backgrounds.

Addictions – Gambling, Drugs, Alcohol, Sex.



Industrial injuries, accidental injuries, Birth conditions.

We use people that we mentor, support and develop. This allows us to provide you with talks and training that is meaningful, quality and above all passionate.

Real people with real life experience!

Why use H2HU

Because we are in the words of Tina Turner ‘Simply the Best’. 

Experience: With 18 years experience of delivering health based messages with humour we are the oldest UK company doing this. Maybe the world. Definitely in our street. Well this house.

Reputation: Ask anyone and they will say we are great, go on ask someone at the bus stop. If they don’t know us at least you made a friend.

Most Importantly: We think we are nice people and if you don’t believe us we will tell you that you are wrong.

What You Get

You get a company with a track record in successfully using humour and the Arts to get messages across in an upbeat, inclusive way. Our presenters all have a background in comedy, Acting, Dance or Art. 


We need a TV screen or projector and a wall. We then do the rest!