Listen - Laugh - Learn


Natasha Donovan and John Ryan are Happy To Health You! 


We  are passionate about  health and want to raise awareness using a combination of humour and expertise in an innovative way.

What do we do?

We are an award-winning team of writers, performers and programme-makers who will create health, social and business, events, audio and video Webinars to get people talking. We work alongside  various health care professionals. Currently, we supply the online support team for the Men’s Health Forum’s innovative Beat stress uk project offering anonymous, confidential text chat and email services on stress and other mental health issues. We also produce the radio show ‘Reading the Signs’ which goes out on Monday nights at 7pm. We work with tried and trusted technical professionals to create events that run like clockwork, to produce our broadcast-quality audio and video and to provide other support as required.


John Ryan

Multi Award winning Writer, Presenter, Broadcaster and stand up comedian.

Natasha Donovan

Teaching Fellow, Presenter, Broadcaster, Journalist and Comedian.

We offer a range of services – Training, Presentations, Talks, Speech Development, Simulation, Writing,  Gardening (Just seeing if you are paying attention). 

During this new reality we can offer online webinars via Zoom, Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and Social Media.

Just because you can’t get into the office it doesn’t mean you are not part of the team.

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