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A laugh and a hog to better health

With comedian John Ryan entertaining us through the evening, our hope is that we will lift the January blues and leave with a little spring in our step.

Laughing is a great prescription to help boost our mood, so what better way to get through the difficult month that January can be.

Add into the mix a hog roast, a Beeston Brewery pint and a good old yarn, and you could almost have the perfect evening.

But we’ll leave that for you to decide.

Natasha Donovan appeared on a podcast to talk all things  Women’s Health, particularly about menopause and how it affects women inside and outside the workplace and how important it is that we talk about health issues. Click on the picture to have a listen.


Big Thanks to Bridgeway Consulting Ltd one of the leading consulting and contracting companies in the UK today

  • Farmers and Suicide.

Working in conjunction  With Maldon and District CVS we are proud to be part of this innovative project looking at opening up discussions. across Essex after it was revealed the county had some of the highest suicide rates in England.

January 2023

CARING – People are at the heart of everything they do at the GRS Group. here at Happytohealthyou we believe the same thing. We all look out for one another, and in doing so help create a happy, rewarding, safe and healthy workplace.  Everyone is included, respected and valued. And that’s why we have teamed up to raise awareness of physical and metals health issues in the workplace. We are currently working on some fantastic Toolbox talks as well as podcasts. 

October 2022.

Honoured to be nominated as a finalist in the A.P.A 20:20 vision awards for our men's health work. Who knew humour could be such a powerful tool.

We have received An Ethical & Psychological Contribution Award for our commitment and dedication to making a direct contribution to Positive Mental Health.

APA is recognising and celebrating the vision you have shown in, supporting and nurturing an ethical approach to Mental Health that truly makes a difference. 

We send our congratulations.

As a Contribution Award Winner, you will also be automatically put forward to the 20:20 Vision Award that will be announced at APA’s End of Year Celebrations on the 23rd December 2021. 

Natasha is once again a judge for The Medical Journalists’ AssociationAwards 2023 The MJA  has a membership of more than 400 health and medical writers, broadcasters and editors. They are based in the UK and exist to promote excellence in journalism, encourage and support  membership and provide opportunities for networking.

Reading the Signs mensradiostation.com

We have a great team behind us @mensradioststion, superb guests and most importantly a platform where comedians can lead discussions about mental wellbeing and anyone else can join in! The show ‘Reading The Signs – the road to wellbeing’ is recorded on Mondays at 7pm. Hosted by John Ryan, Produced by Natasha Donovan it is ‘the worlds first comedy and mental health themed show’

It’s also on YouTube and across social media platforms. If you miss it don’t worry, it goes out at 7 a.m too and as a podcast on Soundcloud. Come along and join the chat.

Live on the MRS’ https://mensradiostation.com

Twitter https://twitter.com/mensradiostn?lang=en

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mensradiostn


YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMKYoN-94p42F1klOzw3rJQ 


John Ryan and Jonathon Prince are Two good friends chatting about life. When black and White unite nothing is off limits. It’s upbeat, refreshing and Brutally Johnest.


The podcast is now available on Spotify, google and all the major podcast platforms.


Driving for Better Business commissioned award-winning Happy to health you to write and produce a short video “Man v Van”

Using humour to impress on drivers that checking their own mental health daily is just as important as checking their vehicle. Natasha and John assembled the production team and the result is this simple but effective piece.

The CALM Driver campaign has already secured the support of both large and small fleets and courier companies. 


#Project EDWARD

The Driving for Better Business programme helps employers manage & improve work-related road safety. Many van drivers operate effectively as lone workers, spending long days behind the wheel with very little human contact. – it can take its toll. They commissioned us to do some work for Project Edward, here is a bit of it!


We want to help and understand. But most of us men just don’t know that Menopause is part of a gradual and natural process in which the ovaries produce less and less of the female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, and menstrual periods gradually disappear. We too go through changes and maybe we need to raise awareness of how this all affects our mental wellbeing, our relationships and our lives. And this new for 2022 presentation is a first step toward helping.

All our talks and seminars are now available as online presentations. To find out more  Get in Touch.


How do you feel knowing that you are going on a ventilator with covid the night before your birthday. You know that you are more likely to die on your birthday than any other day of the year. Listen to my mate Lennie Prosper tell his shocking story and find out how he is now.

And think before you go back to ‘normal’.

The Patient Voice - TEDX. Kingston, Surrey.

Writer, presenter, comedian , broadcaster and now an official tED Speaker Natasha Donovan will be regaling an audience and the wider world on her unique way of communicating in May 2022. Drawing on her experience as a cancer patient and how she turned adversity into a successful career she will be taking us on a memorable journey.

Follow my Lead.

It’s time to cut the clichés. It’s time to stop the clumsiness. It’s time to find a better way to talk about lung cancer. We’re teamed up with The Roy Castle Foundation  to address awkwardness and taboo surrounding lung cancer. Follow my lead aims to address the ways to talk to someone with Lung Cancer but can be applied to any group. As a cancer survivor, Natasha was able to bring her unique experiences into the writing process. The result is a thought provoking poem that has had much critical acclaim.