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Meet John Ryan and Natasha Donovan – the dynamic duo that’s not just award-winning but practically a walking, talking entertainment factory! As writers, performers, and film producers, they’re not here to get people talking; they’re here to make your grandma breakdance at the dinner table! From health talks that make kale jealous to events so epic they once convinced a cat to start a conga line – John and Natasha do it all. Need audio that’s so good it’ll make your ears high-five each other? They got you covered. And don’t even get us started on their videos; Spielberg watches them for tips. If laughter is the best medicine, then John and Natasha are your hilarious healthcare providers. Get ready to laugh, cry (from laughter), and wonder how you ever lived without this award-winning powerhouse of creativity!

We are fortunate to boast a team of adept technicians whose expertise ensures the seamless execution of events, akin to the finesse of a well-greased machinery on ice. Their meticulous attention to detail and operational prowess render them the unsung heroes of our endeavors, adept at transforming any semblance of “technical difficulties” into relics of the past.

Shifting focus to the domain of mental health, our organization is fortified by a cadre of adept practitioners, colloquially referred to as “mind ninjas.” Their proficiency in navigating the intricacies of psychological well-being is unparalleled, akin to possessing a virtual doctorate in the art of transmuting stress into ephemeral confetti. As the designated online support entity for the esteemed Men’s Health Forum’s Beatstress UK initiative, we extend a continuum of assistance encompassing anonymous and confidential text-based interactions tailored to alleviating stress. Furthermore, our repertoire extends to crafting therapeutic email correspondences, meticulously curated to imbue one’s inbox with the serenity reminiscent of a therapeutic session.

In the realm of mental health advocacy, we transcend the boundaries of conventional professionalism, assuming the mantle of indispensable guardians for the psyche. Through our multifaceted interventions, we emerge not merely as practitioners, but rather as the quintessential superheroes, champions of mental well-being poised to embark upon a transformative odyssey within the recesses of the mind.

John Ryan 'The Medicine Man"


Meet John Ryan, the comedic genius who turns laughter into a mental health workout! Daily Telegraph called him a genius, and not just because he knows you can’t mow your lawn on a Sunday in Switzerland (even Swiss folks can’t!). Award-winning comedian, acclaimed on comedy stages and cruise ships, John is not just a laugh riot – he’s a mental health advocate. He’s so good at it; he even published a research paper on how comedy boosts mental wellbeing. Think of him as your go-to guy for events – whether you need a speaker, host, trainer, or presenter, John’s got the wit, charm, and a razor-sharp act to make any audience crack up! There’s never a dull moment when John’s on stage, and he’s not just thinking on his feet; he’s dancing on them!


Natasha Donovan The Patient Whisperer


Meet Natasha Donovan, the multitasking marvel who’s not your average speaker. She’s a Teaching Fellow, Clinical educator, Simulation specialist, Journalist, Broadcaster, and oh, did we mention she moonlights as a stand-up comic? Yes, you heard it right – she’s conquered both the medical world and the comedy stage, a combination not even a superhero would attempt.

Balancing kids, battling cancer, and delivering punchlines across the UK and Ireland – Natasha’s life reads like a gripping sitcom, but she’s not here for just laughs. Her upbeat, infectious smile is the secret weapon she deploys to drop hard-hitting health knowledge bombs. Imagine health talks with a side of stand-up – that’s Natasha’s unique recipe for engaging audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Need a speaker for your conference or after-dinner event? Look no further. Natasha’s versatility and experience in the health service make her the ideal choice. But wait, there’s more – she writes and delivers bespoke performances like a comedy surgeon tailoring her act to the specific needs of her audience.

Happy clients? Natasha’s got them in spades. Whether she’s schooling healthcare pros on communication skills or cracking up a room full of business folks, she’s a hit. As part of the Cancer Research UK precision medicine team, she turns her experiences into tools for patient engagement – talk about a real-life superhero.

The NHS, Kings College London, Spire Healthcare, Willmott Dixon, Allied Bakeries, and Cancer Research UK all swear by Natasha’s expertise. She’s not just a speaker; she’s a communications consultant extraordinaire, advising health organizations on the finer points of clinical communication.

And if that wasn’t enough, Natasha gives back as a Trustee for the Bethnal Green Memorial and, in her former life, rocked the airwaves as a Radio Presenter at BFBS Colchester 107.0fm. Because when Natasha Donovan steps up to the mic, you’re not just getting a speaker – you’re getting a one-woman powerhouse of humor, empathy, and community spirit.

What do our Customers Say?

“You did a fab job, Natasha and everyone is buzzing from it today. Your story made such an impact, you even managed to make some of our hardened surgeons cry. Kim from reception told me that if anyone ever feels bad about coming to work then they should just think about what you said as it makes it all worth it! You will also be glad to know that all the women made smear test appointments! Truly Inspiring!.”

Spire Hartswood Hospital


“John Ryan provided a fantastic service of both compere and comedian on the night.”

Tim Benson Pebble Productions


“Thank you, Natasha. We all thoroughly enjoyed it! Humour is an excellent way of raising awareness of these issues amongst professionals and helping patients come to terms with things too. Thanks Again!.”

Coventry City Council

“I could tell the participants really related to what you said, Natasha. The way you have laughed in the face of serious life challenges and overcome them was truly an inspiration to me and the participants. You so skilfully combined humour with how to breakthrough limiting self-beliefs. You were a joy to watch.”

Marigold Nunes

 “John Ryan charmed and entertained the 1,000 strong audience with some world class comedy.”

BSH Magazine

“He pitches the humour and important messages at just the right level and I am sure that there will be many men in his audiences who will have their lives saved by him making them address their health through his fantastic side-splitting humour.”

Roger Jones, Older Men’s Network

 “John Ryan was very well received and enjoyed by all. The audience was very multinational and he handled this very well, preferring not to tell jokes but provide a more general entertainment which suited everybody. Thus, he read the situation well.”

Ferrovial Agroman Airports UK Ltd (BAA) 



“John Ryan was pitch perfect and went down fantastically well both at our events in the North and South. Feedback from the delegates was great and they all really enjoyed it. I was particularly impressed with the effort John Ryan put into getting to know the audience prior to the event, he really tapped into what made them tick.” Guinness


“Natasha Donovan breezes across the stage effortlessly drawing you into a whirlwind tour of her world of comedy” BBC 5live

Whether its Mens Health, Mental wellbeing or behavioural Safety the result is always the same. We will keep using this great service. . They laugh they listen they learn  Charlie Byers Network Rail


Dear Tasha, I attended your session yesterday and found it so beneficial to my every day working life.I have talked it over with my team and we are wondering if you would consider doing a bespoke session for the whole team. We have half day training days so could include all admin and clinical in the session. I believe it could really benefit the department as a whole.  Guys Hospital Trust


“I thought the session was really good. What I was looking for was a different way to communicate around mental wellbeing and stress as an awareness raising session.

Benn Heatley Afton Chemicals 

“Cancer and Public Speaking are people’s biggest fears yet Natasha combats bothwith natural grace and flair”

Charlie Jordan LBC Radio