Dads Health Matters


“Dad’s impact on kids? It’s massive, and it’s a two-way street” and it’s backed by solid research! As a Dad looking to be better, John Ryan knows about the ups and downs the role brings. New dads, give yourself a break! Toss out the notion of ‘instinctive moms.’ Very often they are as confused and anxious as we are, there is no right way to p[arent but there are wrong ways. Parenting is a journey, not a sprint – skills take time to develop.

Calling all dads! Unleash the strength of support. As a new dad, connecting with fellow parents who get it was a game-changer, but we still need support as each age brings its own challenges. Swap stories, share hacks, and plan easygoing outings – like a refreshing stroll. It makes a world of difference.

Mental health matters, dads. Keep an eye out for any changes – if you’re withdrawing socially, losing interest in hobbies, or feeling unexpected worries. Reach out to someone you trust, even if it’s just a small chat. Opening up, even a bit, can have a huge impact. maybe it’s your mate that’s struggling? Be the difference. 

And when things go really wrong – parental alienation is tough. When one parent undermines your connection with your child, it’s a real struggle. Societal norms make it harder. The aftermath? A complex web of grief. You’re not alone, and it’s okay to seek support.”

These Dads Health Matters talks really do give men the opportunity to share in a safe space.